CMPT 898: Adaptive and Autonomous Systems


Julita Vassileva, Engineering 1C145, 966-2569,


The class will cover a variety of techniques and applications of user-adaptive and adaptable systems, autonomous systems, reactive systems and multi-agent systems.


Class will meet once weekly for 3 hours, Thu. 9:00-12:00. In each class 2 or more papers will be presented and discussed. Some papers will be given in advance, some the students will have to search and select themselves. Each student will have to read the papers discussed in class in advance, so that she can discuss the contents. A team of two people will present each paper, where one gives a 30 minutes presentation and the other one serves as a referee (criticizes or praises the approach). After a paper presentation follows a discussion moderated by the referee (assisted by the instructor). Both the presenter and the referee take notes during the discussion. On the basis of the presentation and the notes, the team creates a web page, which is added to the web-site of the class no later than 1 week after the presentation.

During the last month (March), the students (again in teams of 2) should think of some manageable project in the area of the class (adaptive/ autonomous/ multi-agent application) and implement it. The last class will contain 10-minute presentations of the projects and 10-minute demos.


participation in discussions - 20%

quality of presentations - 20%

quality of refereeing (criticism and managing discussion) - 10%

quality of notes - 10%

quality of paper selection - 20%

quality of project (idea, presentation) and demo - 20%


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