Social Computing and Participative Web (Web 2.0)

University of Saskatchewan, Term 1, 2009/2010, (Dr.Julita Vassileva)

Schedule and Readings

(Please, note that these are not final: I reserve the right to add more readings, if I come across some more current and interesting ones).


Topics and Required Readings (advice on how to get the most out of the text when reading)



Additional Stuff, Fun Stuff

Assignment 1


Week 1: Sept 7-12, 2009

Sharing and Trading

Lecture Notes: CMPT 412 and 898

Filesharing (the first two papers are interesting for historical reasons, just browse them, rather than analysing them in detail)



Flickr: Interview with Eric Costello (2004)

Week 2: Sept 14-19, 2009:


Lecture Notes: CMPT 412 and CMPT 898 (Nicoleta)


Social Documents


Collaborative Publishing: Wikipedia

TED video of Mena Trott on blogs (from Flavio)

TED video of James Surowiecki (self-organization, emergence of collective wisdom from blogs) - relates also to week 11.

Why Wikipaedia Sucks? (3:15 min video clip)

Video of Fernanda Viegas talking about interactions on Wikipedia at the Social Computing Symposium, 2006 (7:00 min)

Wikipaedia timelapse (5:20 video)


Week 3: Sept 21-25, 2009

Discussions and Socialization, Games

Lecture Notes: CMPT 412 and CMPT 898 (Mayya and Shey)


Social Networking

Multi-Player Online Games

How many list subscribers does it take to change a lightbulb?

The 10 strangest niche social networking sites
(Vampires, Hot or Not, the Doll Palace, MyChurch, Agent space, Petster, Respectance etc.)

danah boyd's talk (1:25hr) on the history, usage and ethnography of social network sites.

Developing applications for Facebook:

Pervasive Gaming (6:00 min video, Daniel Pargmann)

What is Second Life

Week 4: Sept 28 - October 2, 2009

Coding: Open Source Movement

Lecture Notes: CMPT 412 and CMPT 898 (Nan)


Software and Community in the Early 21st Century (65 min video of Eben Moglen's inspiring keynote address at the Plone Conference 2006)

Richard Stallman on YouTube

Eric Raymond on YouTube

Week 5:Oct 5 - 9, 2009

Behavioural Theories Applied to Online Communities: Behavioural Economics

Lecture Notes: CMPT 412 and CMPT 898 (Nicoleta)

Behavioural economics

Organizational Science

The Prisoner's Dilemma (from Wikipedia)

Play the Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma Game (From UofT Course BIO150: Evolution of Cooperation)

The Ultimatum game (from Wikipedia)

Dotspot - site for user comments/mini-blogs on news


Dan Gilbert's TED Talk: Why are we happy? Why aren't we happy?


Week 6: Oct 12 - 16, 2009

Behavioural Theories Applied to Online Communities: Social Psychology

Lecture Notes: CMPT 412 and CMPT 898 (Nan)

Social Psychology



Rob Kraut's Stanford Lecture (2009) Designing Online Communities from Theory



Week 7: Oct 19 - 23, 2009

Designing Successful Social Applications

Lecture Notes: CMPT 412 and CMPT 898 (Flavio)

  • Joshua Porter, Designing for the Social Web - if you don't want to buy the book (highly recommended!), you can find the slides for a tutorial presentation by Josh Porter (120 slides) on this site.
  • ... and another great tutorial by Joshua Porter:Designing for Community


More from Josh Porter on SlideShare.

Amy Jo Kim's Stanford Lecture (2004) The Network is the Game: Social Trends in Mobile Entertainment (slides available)


Week 8: Oct 26 -30, 2009

Technologies: Recommender Systems, Trust and Reputation Mechanisms

Lecture Notes: CMPT 412 (RecSys and TrustRepSys) and CMPT 898 (guest lecture in 412 by Jie Zhang)



Week 9: Nov 2 - 6, 2009

Technologies: Search for Meaning: Collaborative Tagging, Emergent Ontologies

Lecture Notes: CMPT 412 and CMPT 898 (Mayya and Craig)

Evolution of the Web, Semantic Web by Nicolas Cynober (26 min video)

Brief Introduction to the Semantic Web by Hugo Mills (33 min video)

Generating and Querying Semantic Metadata and Ontologies, by Rudi Studer (1 hour video)

RDF - Connecting Software and People by Henry Story (30 min video)

Making the Semantic Web Accessible to the Casual User (56 min video)

Metacrap: Putting the torch to seven straw-men of the meta-utopia by Cory Doctorow

Everything is Miscallaneous: The Power of the New Digital Distorder by David Weinberger

Everything is Miscallaneous (As told by Video) (4 min videoclip)

Blog for "Everything is Miscellaneous" by David Weinberger

Week 10: Nov 7-13, 2009

Lecture Notes: CMPT 412 and CMPT 898 (Flavio and Shey)

Technologies: Motivating Participation in Online Communities

Technologies: Community Awareness and Visualization (General and MADMUC)



Weeks 11 and 12: Nov 14-26, 2009

Analytic Theories: Emergence, Network laws, Scale-free networks

Lecture Notes: CMPT 412 and CMPT 898 (Craig and Min)

Slime Mould solves puzzles - original article from 2000

Slime Mould photos

SimCity article on Wikipedia

Simcity societies

Mattis J. QuickStudy: Scale-Free Networks

The Santa Fe Institute - Physics of Complex Systems

Kevin Kelly's TED Talk - The next 5000 days of the Web

Week 13: Dec 1-4, 2009

Project Presentations

Tuesday Dec 2:

1-Kim & Dmitry, 2 - Travis, 3 - Jenna, Nolan, Brendan, 4-Alicia

Thursday Dec 4:

1- Ellen & Katelyn, 2-Randy & Kyle, 3 - Tao & Brendan, 4-Andrew & Steven, 5-Cindy & Meysam

Please, keep your team presentation 15 min. That means 12 min of presenting in total plus 3 min questions.

It is up to you to divide the presentaton, but I would like to see each of the team-members speaking!