Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS)

Dynamic Courseware Generation (DCG)

We have developed an architecture for dynamic courseware generation which allows explicit representation of teaching expertise. The instructional course is generated automatically for a given teaching goal and can be dynamically changed according to specified teaching rules to suit better the student's individual progress and preferences. The architecture of the system is based on explicit representation of the structure of the domain concepts and relationships (what has to be taught) and the instructional tasks and methods (how to teach). The separate representation of the actual teaching materials allows better flexibility and individualisation, as well as easier updating and re-use of ready teaching materials. In this way our approach provides an alternative to traditional CAL-authoring. Implementations of this approach in different domains, like electrotechnics and art have been completed and an evaluation in terms of time for authoring has been carried out. The results (18 hours of authoring for 1 hour of instruction) are very encouraging. An implementation of the DCG on the WWW is underway.

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Reactive Instructional Planning

We have developed an architecture of an ITS based on reactive planning of contents in instruction. It integrates opportunistic reactions with plan-based (plan-repairs and complete replanning). This framework allows to implement two radically different teaching strategies, tutoring and coaching, as well as their interaction within one system. One additional advantage is the possibility to manage the way of system's reacting by means of different pedagogical rules. At this point the system has been implemented and experimented in the domain "Integration of elementary functions".

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