Hello! I am Nija. I am 18 years old, first year science major at McGill. This is my old homepage, when I was little.... To see my graduation photos, click here.

On this photo you see me holding Chernomerdin (the one with the black mouth) after a shower. She doesn't mind being dirty, but she is a very brave cat and fights viciously against the water and other invadors, like birds, socks, toy-mice, other cats, dogs, Christmas trees ... Unfortunately, she doesn't like water at all, but she needs a bath from time to time. Just the opposite of her twin-sister, Beltsin (because she has more white on her back), who never needs a shower because she is such a clean cat and licks herself to perfection. Beltsin is intrigued by water and always tries to get in the shower cabin, when she feels that something exiting is taking place there.

Three years ago I still lived in Sofia with my grandparents and I was in the third grade. I moved to Saskatoon and grew up over one grade.
I painted this page myself when I was only 7: do you like it?


(Julita helped me a bit with the writing, but this is unimportant!)

Listen to me singing a Bulgarian Song when I was 10!

Below you see Tarnovo, the town of my great-grand father.
It was once the capital of Bulgaria, 600 years ago.
There is a real castle there (you can see it on the left).
On the right is Sofia where I used to live. Our house is on the street that starts just behind the tail of the horse (it is the monument of the Russian king Alexander II, who liberated Bulgaria from 500 years Turkish occupation).
Granma and Granpa still live there.

Tarnovo-the castle The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Sofia - our house is 3 minutes of walk from the tail of the horse

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