This is my poetry corner.

I have collected these poems of contemporary Bulgarian authors from the WELKYA WEB MAGAZINE FOR BULGARIAN ART AND LITERATURE.

Konstantin Pavlov (in English translation)

Margarita Petkova
Stefan Canev
Balcho Balchev
Boiko Lambovski
Petja Dubarova

other contemporary BG poets from Welkya (some translations)

Valeri Petrov

VALERI PETROV was born in 1920 in Sofia, where he graduated from the medicine university department. When in the autumn of 1944 Bulgaria declared war on Germany, he became war correspondent.
Later he worked as a journalist and editor in the radio and in the popular satirical newspaper "Starshel" (Bulgarian word for hornet), as a diplomat in Italy. Poet, script-writer, playwright and translator, Valeri Petrov is a figure, whose authority is goes beyond the "narrow scope" of cultural life.
He is author of magnificent film scenarios, fine love poetry, elegant satirical poems, characterized by an outstanding civic fervour, as well as of poems for children. He has also translated English, Russian and Italian literature into Bulgarian. Bulgaria owes to Valeri Petrov such a capital deed as the translation of all Shakespearean dramas.

(from "Renowned Bulgarian Jews" at


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