Pictures from Madrid and Toledo (Spain)

(taken when I went there for the ESAW'02 and CIA'2002 Workshops, Sept 16-20, 2002).

I ordered the pictures chronologically, starting with some views of Madrid, taken on Sunday before the conference started.

After arriving on Sunday, Sept 15 in Madrid, after a 26 hour flight from Saskatoon, I went for a late afternoon walk in Madrid. Here is what I saw:

1. Puerta del Sol- a commercial center, with 3 (!!!) instances of the "El Corte Ingles" department store: one entirely for CDs, one for books
and one for everything else. To fight the summer heat the spanish put shades over the streets!

2. Museo de Jamon -- an excellent place to eat Spanish ham. It is a chain, like McDonalds, but incomparable in quality and atmosphere.
I started counting the smoked pig legs hanging on the walls, while waiting for my order, but quickly gave up, since they were too many and my
order arrived in no time. A "secret" shared by Julio Herrero, co-founder of Casa de Espana en Shanghai "most of the pig legs or jamones hanging
from the walls of Museo del Jamón are actually fake :)"

3. Plaza Mayor - a big main city square, so typical for all old European towns. This particular one reminded me of Venice.

4. Some nice streets around Plaza Mayor

5. Palacio Real

The first picutre shows the Cathedral of Almudena, next to the palace. Then the palace, seen through the iron gates, the coiffeured garden, and the exit of the garden, down to a busy street.

On the next day, it started raining. Also the workshop ESAW'02 started in Universidad "Rei Juan Carlos I" in Móstoles, by Madrid. Here is what this new campus looks like:

To prove we worked hard, here is a picture from CIA'2002:


In the evenings, we continued working hard, picking a restaurant from the wide variety of options in Madrid.

The last evening was with Biljana Cubaleska from Skopie (Makedonia) working in Hagen (Germany) and her husband.

On Thursday, the day before the last day, the conference organizer, Sascha Ossowski arranged a guided tour to Toledo for the participants in CIA'2002.

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